Thursday, January 29, 2004

What a Bloghead

Don't you hate it when you borrow a movie from one of your best friends,
only to find you didn't really like it,
only to post a blog article - with details and larger observations about world events based on the movie's content - about how you didn't like it,
only to try to sneak the movie back into your friend's personal video library without him seeing it,
only to suspect he saw you do it,
only to realize he's one of three-and-a-half people on the planet who even occasionally reads the drivel you post when you're not in a place like the Hampton Inn of Marble Falls which doesn't have functional internet access,
only to have your wife discover you'd posted your thoughts on said movie on your blog,
only to have her say, "Didn't you hear them say that's one of their favorite movies?",
only to be really embarrassed and wonder how you could get back to being barrassed,
only to realize you are, indeed, a doofus,
only to then discover you've forgotten a lunch date with the same person you've dissed and that he's waiting at a local Chinese restaurant while you post this post-post post,
only to then realize your friend doesn't really get offended by such actions and quite possibly would've done the same thing to you?

I hate that, too.

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