Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Baker's Dozen, Blogger's Wife

Golfers will say you've "overclubbed" if the woman you married is way better than you should have had. In football parlance, it's called "outkicking your coverage." I'm sure poker players would have a term, too, if they'd ever get up off their fat aces and actually ask a girl out. (It's difficult to imagine the conversation ever progressing past, "Hey, little missy. Wanna come watch the flop to see if I flush?")

Pick the metaphor, and it applies to me. On this day 13 years ago, accompanied by her dad and "Trumpet Voluntary," Amy Nichols voluntarily walked down the aisle at Aldersgate Methodist Church in Abilene, Texas a little after 4 p.m. and agreed before God and man to become Amy Boone.

Scientists have a Rule of Thirteen, so named because, in order to generate a base formula (containing only carbon and hydrogen), the molar mass of the unknown substance is divided by 13. In a lot of ways, that rule describes our 13 years of marriage.

(Okay, I have no idea what that means. I just threw it in because Amy's dad teaches science at ACU. Thought it could be a telepathic, father-in-law/husband bonding moment. He's the carbon, I'm the hydrogen... Moving on.)

This is an unsuitable forum for me to express my love for Amy or to describe her greatness. Actually there isn't such a forum. Nor is there poetry, song, or work of art yet created that captures the fullness of a life with her. You'd have to be there. On the days in between the anniversaries. The January 12ths and July 22nds and October 14ths that pass without revelry but which when compounded produce a richness one can only appreciate in retrospect and humility.

You want to know the secret to a good marriage? Choose well. You can be a great spouse: loving, caring, considerate. But if you don't choose your mate well? Well, mate, you might just experience another scientific phenomenon: spontaneous combustion.

I've made too many poor decisions to count over the last 13 years. But the one I made November 23, 1991 - or rather the one she made on my behalf - has covered a multitude of sins.


Jenni said...

Congrats! My parents got married on Friday the 13th....scary. But it has lasted for 31+ years now. So, for you and Amy here's to 13 more....then 13 more....then 13 more....then 13 more....then 13 more....

Joel said...


No sense in both of us marrying someone on our same level (what level is that by the way - 3rd grade?) so I followed suit and out kicked my coverage, over clubbed, and any other over and out that you can come up with.

I praise God for you and for your marriage. Both have served as an example for me and provided more inspiration and hope than you'll ever know.

I know that you and I have made living out of being ... shall we say ... less than serious but I wanted to break from tradition (no sense in both of us cracking "get off up off your fat aces" jokes) and offer an e-prayer of sorts. Allow me to bloggingly beseech the Lord on your behalf.

"God, thank you for being the cornerstone of the Boones marriage for the past 13 years. I know it is because you are the cornerstone of each of their lives individually. Thank you for the example of a Christ-centered marriage their kids get everyday. I pray that Grant will continue to place his entire life on the altar everyday for Amy - his wants, desires, and rights. I pray that he would give himself up for Amy like Christ did for the church. And I pray for Amy too. That she would submit her wants, will, desires to Grant as tough as it might be some days to do. I praise you for the way she has always supported Grant's dreams and for how Grant has always believed in Amy's gifting. God bless this couple - this dear, dear friend of mine and Kim's and use them to make disciples and bring you glory. I ask for you to bless them with many more years of marriage and ministry together. In Jesus.

Kim and I love you both so much. Congratulations!

Matt Elliott said...

Yes, Grant, you did very, very well (as did I). We love you and Amy and family and miss you all very much. Happy anniversary!