Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Dirty Laundry

Sorry for the recent spate of lavatorial subject matter, but...

After hitting the laundry basket, you knew sooner or later this would hit the fan.

Wouldn't this guy be a better fit with the Browns?


RPorche said...

Oh that made me laugh. Great to see you this weekend.

Joel said...

It happens Grant. Sad but true isn't it?

I think he'll miss the big house just like he missed the out house.

I'm predicting that he'll claim his "squatter's rights"

I guess she will have to shout it out.

Peace out potty mouth!

Rack me.

B. S. Denton said...


That, uh, puck was awesome?

Thanks for the continuously hilarious posts, Grant. You make my day a little easier.