Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Cut Cheese With A Rich, Full-Bodied Red

On the people mover at DFW airport. Coming out, beefy Cincinnati Reds first baseman Adam Dunn. Getting on, the explosively flatulent (thanks to someone else's creative audio editing) and fraudulent (which he did on his own) televangelist Robert Tilton.

One pitches, the other swings. Both made rich from their respective flocks. At least one of them occasionally gives his fans their money's worth.


believingthomas said...

Running into a MLB player - free
Recognizing Robert Tilton - Strange
coming up with flatulent and fraudulent - priceless!
OK this admits I've seen the video.

Val said...

Although not the version making the rounds while we were students at ACU, has two short clips of Tilton similarly altered. At least they might be altered. Hmmmm.

Joel said...

"Hey folks, looks like Grant is going to the mound. He's signaling to the blog pen. Yes, he is ... he's bringing in a relief blog title after two days on the hill. This is unprecedented! Amazing.

Headed to the showers is 'Red, Whine, & Cheese' and coming on to finish the game is 'Cut Cheese with a Rich, Full Bodied Red.'

Left in the pen for Manager Boone is 'Dunn Farted' and 'First and Worst'

Stick around and we'll see who Boone brings in next."

Brandon Scott Thomas said...

Grant--are you guys in Nashville yet? Let's get together.