Monday, April 25, 2005

Butt Darts and Long Knockers

Now that I've let the cat out of the bag (or the darts out of the, well, you know), I'm hoping you're all paying closer attention when sportscasters speak with forked tongue. Did you catch the latest example during Sunday's final round of the Houston Open?

As John Daly waited near the scoring trailer to see if his scintillating 67 would be good enough to get him into a playoff with Vijay Singh, the CBS cameras zoomed in to a tight shot of Daly in his bright orange shirt that prominently featured a Hooters logo on - where else? - his left boob. Anchor Jim Nantz, dubbed "The Prince of Puns" by his CBS cohorts, chose that exact moment to remind us that Singh and Daly are a couple of "long knockers."

Coincidence? Yeah, and guys go to Hooters for hot wings. Less surreptitious but equally funny was Nantz's line about the CBS Sunday night movie, Locusts: "If this movie is a success, you can expect a sequel in another 17 years." He was on fire, and I was absolutely eating his heart out.

I once had a friend encourage me to keep my on-air yuks to a minimum during Golf Channel telecasts. In critiquing some of my particularly comedic commentary, he said, "Jim Nantz would never say that." Well, that was several years ago. Is there any chance that Nantz is the one who changed, that he was inspired by my unique style to add a little extra levity to his play-by-play? Any chance at all?

Whaddya say we discuss it over lunch? I hear that Hooters place is famous for wings...

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believingthomas said...

that's right up there with the Carson episode when Zha Zha Gabor was a guest and brought her cat with her. Well you had to see it I guess, but the cat was in her lap.... the censors took them off the air that night.