Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Air Pollution

I may have to give up my hip hop music. The lyrics are getting quite bawdy.

This should be of great interest to those of you considering a romantic relationship with a rapper. He may not be willing to make a long-term commitment if the words of Ludacris in 2004's Song of the Year, Yeah!, are any indication:

Forget about game, I'm a spit the truth
I won't stop 'til I get 'em in they birthday suits

For those of you without street "cred," let me interpret. That last line includes not only disturbingly poor pronoun usage but also a not-so-veiled reference to nudity, a condition that afflicts all of us at some point and an attribute many "rappers" actually look for in filling out a "posse."

Yet these hip hop stars, what with their "bling bling," seem never in want of "shorties." Perhaps these women are the same ones who're attracted to the guy with the naughty mudflaps or the amateur mammographer. Don't say I didn't warn you if some night you ain't cuttin' and he puts you on foot patrol. Do you understizzle, my shizzles?


Move over, Bill Shakespeare. You've got company, and it's coming from an unlikely source: that's right, country music. Specifically, Gretchen Wilson. Her poetic genius abounds in this tasty lick from her hit song "Homewrecker":

Now, honey, I'm a Christian
But if you keep this up
I'm gonna go to kickin'
Your pretty little butt

Credit where credit's due.


I've held off on this next supposition for a long time. But having spent the better part of the last four months in airports, I'm finally ready to say it.

There are two kinds of men in this world: those who wear red pants, and those whom women find attractive.

Controversial? Perhaps. Accurate? Absolutely. Moving on.


Speaking of airports, it's always awkward to witness customers berating innocent employees, but the behavior of a woman I encountered at DFW the other day was especially appalling and merits public censure. Upon deplaning, this woman - 60ish and obviously not from around here - began badgering an American Airlines agent. She was all, "I'm flying to Zurich, but they told me my bags had been sent to Frankfurt!" Calm down, lady. Zurich, Frankfurt, what's the difference? Be glad you were among the fortunate few to step foot in the greatest country God ever made. The same American ingenuity that lost your luggage also rid the world of an evil dictator, who was probably plotting an invasion of Zurich or Frankfurt or wherever your luggage is erroneously headed. A lost bag is a small price to pay. In case you haven't noticed, we're still at war here. America is tightening its belt, such as opting for the Grande Latte over Venti at Starbucks and refusing to reduce our gasoline consumption despite the fact that it's roughly equivalent to the minimum wage. How 'bout a little sacrifice on your part?


The best commercial on television right now is the one in which the family tries to save its collective cell phone minutes by speaking fast, like an auctioneer. Very funny.

And it brings to mind some of my favorite songs about auctioneers. There's "The Auctioneer" by Leroy Van Dyke (no relation) and..."The Auctioneer" (instrumental version) on the flip side of that 45, just to name two. Good stuff.


America - nay, the world - will have its newest American Idol by night's end. It's down to the lead singer from Krokus and the girl who looks like a melange of each of the last 15 one-hit divas. Methinks Bach isn't nervous about losing his legacy.

You have to admit Idol is exceptionally emblematic of America, circa 20-aught-5. Let's sit around doing nothing except deciding who among those who actually got off the couch long enough to audition best tickles our big, fat fancy and who should go back to their jobs as cooks at a mini golf course. We've as a nation become the dudes from Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Finally, I've tried to get into Tejano music. I really have. But I think my inability to speak Spanish is a hindrance. Guess it's just not my "thing." Maybe some of the Tejano singers could rap! Then they could say whatever they wanted, and I wouldn't be offended.


Michael said...

Boone, you never fail to entertain. I'd ask you to write more often but I'm afraid the quality may slip in favor of quantity and, as I'm wont to say, "That ain't no bargain at half the price." I( know it's grammatically incorrect but it doesn't have any punch if you say it the right way.)

Now, addressing your content, I suggest you look up the newest thing, hick hop. Rap and hip hop are "old school" by now and the latest, greatest is this six foot five inch tall, black, cowboy rapper named Cowboy Troy Coleman. I haven't heard it yet... I wait with baited breath... but I'm sure soon enough we'll be able to find it on KEAN.

Incidentally, Cowboy Troy was "found" by the same guy who "found" Gretchen Wilson, she of the now infamous "Can I get a big hell yeah from the redneck girls like me?"

I'd love to hear of your first impressions of hick hop. Enjoy.

Brandon Scott Thomas said...

Oh yeah--gimme some Cowboy Troy. I played chicken with a train once. Didn't work out for me though.

stuckinthe80s said...

Give it up for Menudo -- me gusta mucho!!!

Val said...

Idol is decidedly American except for the fact that the idea was ripped off from another country (except for the 'American' part).