Sunday, November 07, 2004

The ABCs of G, PG

Parental Guidance: knowing when a child is too young to take to the movies.

Here's a general rule of thumb - if your youngster is smaller than the largest tub of popcorn, wait for the DVD.

Don't take this literally.


Clarissa said...

Perhaps there's a story to go along with this extremely brief discourse ...

Grant Boone said...

Very perceptive, C. I took my boys, ages 8 and 6, to see "The Incredibles" last Saturday night. Two different couples brought infants into the theater, both of whom cried intermittently through the show.

I'm just at a loss to reproduce the conversation that leads to that action.

"Hey, let's go see a movie."

"What about junior?"

"Let's take him with us!"

"Great idea! I'm sure the screams and explosions reverberating through the Dolby Surround Sound system won't bother him."

"Yeah, and people love babies. Everyone will be really glad to see him! Those little bloodcurdling convulsions of his are so cute!"

"Plus, we can use the money we save on a babysitter to buy that extra large vat of popcorn!"

"Yeah, and when we're finished, we can use the empty tub as a car seat!"

Why can't everyone be a perfect parent like me?

Anonymous said...

I'm sensing some sarcasm here....

And those babies obviously aren't breastfed...breastfed babies don't cry as much in movie theaters because...well, you know.

I'm taking my 5 yr old son (who was a breast fed baby) to see the Incredibles this weekend....all crying babies aside, how was the movie?

Grant Boone said...

Plus, breastfeeding is free, no matter how big the portion. I can't, however, endorse public breastfeeding since (regrettably) seeing "Me, Myself, and Irene."

As for "The Incredibles," it was, well, incredible! My boys are 8 and 6 (this Saturday). We've not let them see lots of things other kids their ages have seen, but they loved this one. And adults will like it at least as much. Pixar executives are blowing their noses with $100 bills. This one grossed $20 million on the first weekend.