Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I had mixed feelings about the President's SOU address last night. Lucky for me, the fourth estate was there en masse to tell me how he did. With all the acumen and credibility of figure skating judges, the political pundits explained how he either (depending on which side of the aisle or network said "head" called home): a) displayed his formidable strength of character or b) vapidly mouthed benign, untenable options for issues he doesn't really care about anyway.

Glad that's cleared up. And did anyone else see and hear Indiana Senator Evan Bayh (pronounced "buy," as in "buy a vowel," which he should consider) in the post-SOU miasma and wish HE was running for President? I honestly think he could declare his candidacy today and win the Iowa caucus retroactively.

The missus, by the Bayh, had the line of the week Monday night during "Caucus Coverage" and a two-for-one, at that. (Editor's note: my significantly better half is one of the rarest of souls who can truly boast of being politically independent; in the last two elections, she actually voted donkey one year and elephant the other...and, no, I won't tell you which one was which.) Where was I...oh, yes. Watching John Kerry's gangly fist pumps after his shocking (especially to him) victory in the Hawkeye state, she quipped, "Hey, Senator, why the long face?" Clearly unstoppable at that point, she offered this campaign slogan - free of charge! - to Kerry, who's married to the heiress to the Heinz fortune: "Send me to the White House, America, and it's ketchup for everyone!"

Have I ever told you what it's like to go to bed every night with a woman who can consistently fire winning one-liners AND passionately debate the DH? It's good to be me.

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