Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Comic Relief

You've heard the old joke, right: "Old truckers never die, they just get a new..." (In a rare burst of civility, I'll withhold the punchline and let you fill in the blank.) Apparently, old comedians never die, they become political commentators. The list of comics-turned-pundits reads like a "Who's #*%*#%& Who?" of popular 1980s stand-up artists. Al Franken, Bill Maher, Whoopi Goldberg, and George Carlin are all more popular these days for telling people how to vote than for telling jokes (though the two can be confusing at times). Hey, whatever pays the bills.

And for that matter, not all of the aforementioned yucksters are complete idiots politically. The other night, for example, Bill Maher asked a conservative guest on his talk show for a good reason why gay marriage should be banned, something other than the apocalyptic cries of the radical right about how our civilization depends on who's allowed to stand at the altar.

It got me thinking about this issue in particular and how my faith should and does affect my politics. I can make what I believe to be a strong case for why God would be against gay marriage. But if America isn't a theocracy and we don't outlaw sins like adultery, what would be my next "line of defense."

People like Maher are asking real questions and fair ones, in my opinion; the kind Jesus was never afraid to answer. Of course, he had the slight advantage of being the Son of God and all. I, on the other hand, am left to wonder how my citizenship in God's kingdom could and should encroach on the world of American politics. And that's no joke.


Clarissa said...

I'm with you there.

SG said...

In ways I agree, but that nagging question of "if we stay out of it who does that leave in it? " bugs me. Who do we want running the country?

Anonymous said...

Hey HE-B-GB,

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Buster Anonymous

Val said...

While same-sex unions and premarital heterosexual intimacy are both wrong, they are not the same. One is a sanctioned and recognized union endorced by a governing body and the other is not. We should be equally concerned by both, sure, but that is where the similarities end. Sadly, rather than standing against either, we are becoming equaly tolerant of both.