Sunday, August 29, 2004

When Right Is Wrong

With the presidential election barely two months away, the boone box is more dedicated than ever to providing you, Mr. I Have Nothing Better To Do Than To Look At Pictures Of People Buried Up To Their Heads In Sod, with the most comprehensive campaign coverage on the internet, so long as said coverage doesn't interfere with following the Texas Rangers' pennant chase, the beginning of the college and NFL seasons, or the prelims for next April's Westminster Dog Show.

Today for your edification, we present the following interview with evangelical author, minister, and overall troublemaker Tony Campolo, who's at it again with a new book entitled Speaking My Mind. (You can read an interview he gave to about his latest tome. WARNING: He looks a lot like Arnold T. Pants, Esquire, the attorney for Chevy Chase's ex-wife in Fletch, voted the funniest movie of all time by people with a really advanced sense of humor.)

Campolo is either: a) challenging the status quo and calling all believers to examine the issues that really matter to Christ or b) a Democrat who wants W to get an L in November. Or he could be both. I mean if I guy in a kilt can crash the Olympic marathon, I suppose anything's possible.

Does Tony Campolo Drive A Familiar Red OldsmoBuick?


Joel said...
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SG said...

Quile do you have a job?
This time I'm thinking the right is right, the left is wrong, the those in the middle are tired of both the left and the right AND I love Fletch!

Grant Boone said...

Of course you love "Fletch," Steph, as any normal person would.

I'm still reeling from the discovery that Campolo and this actor, George Wyner, were actually separated at birth. Check out the glasses one more time. Identical!!! This makes my year.

SG said...

Paul was a tent maker, Campolo an actor...this explains much!