Saturday, September 02, 2006

Grant Me This

Columns from the U.S. Open (golf's not tennis'):

Day 1 recap - Global warming and remembering Tyrell "Party On" Garth
Day 2 recap - If a Peacock cries in a TV compound, does anyone hear it?
Day 3 recap - Tips for running marathons and Monty's tight-cheeked trousers
Day 4 recap - Mickelson's El Guapo


Stacey said...


I dug the article likening the US open to a marathon. Not many people know about Rosie in the Boston Marathon. Nice work.

How about Tiger these days? Wow!

Anonymous said...

Hi Grant

As an Irish girl I am finding your Ryder Cup blog very entertaining. However, your blog would be far more enjoyable if you would stop referring to Ireland as part of the UK. The Republic of Ireland has been just that for almost a century. Although 6 of our northern counties are still under British rule, the other 26 counties are simply neighbours of the UK.
Thanks for your time.

Stacey said...

More posts Grant!

Ryder cup?
Tiger wins #6?

We need you...